Monday, January 2, 2012

I love this

On Saturday the 31st, farmguy and I made the trip to our youngest daughter's house for our family Christmas.  All of our children and their spouses and kids were able to be there. so if you counted the plates there was 25 of us at the tables.

of the several things our children gave me, this is the one I like the best.  if is so us.
I thought I would share it with you.

This spells out exactly how we are. 

may you all have a Blessed and Peacefull New Year full of Happiness.


  1. thats the way my family is also, thank you for sharing, not every family is perfect, but we are still family :)

  2. Awesome! That would decorate our home well too :)

    Happy, Happy New Year to you as well.


  3. Happy New Year to you and all your family and thank you for your kindness

  4. That sounds positively wonderful. I hope our extended family is loud and awesome someday when I'm older, too!


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