Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 5 and other TIASs

 Here is my day 5
if we had added a bead in or near the large center ring, then this would resemble an elephant's trunk, however since we didn't, I am nonplussed.

Sherry over at Tatting Tales ~ All thing Tatting  mentioned that she had previously hosted a TIAS. 
I thought I would show you what her pattern turned out to be.
Lighthouse Bookmark
There was another TIAS hosted by Dani in the spring around Easter. this is what we tatted. 
Dani had 2 options for her TIAS, you could stop when what you had looked like an Easter Egg, or continue on to see what you tatted in the end.  I have a granddaughter who loves this little chick.

we ended up with 70lbs of venison sausage rings, that go to the smoker tomorrow, 8 lbs of bulk sausage in the freezer and 18lbs of ground venison for jerky.  6lbs of which are busy marinating in the fridge and will be set to dry later this afternoon.  the rest will be done in the next couple of days.

2 football games this afternoon.  time for lots of tatting.,  but not with beads,  to many chances for getting involved with the game, and no way do I want to try to get beads out of the carpet. even with a stocking over the vacuum cleaner. not good. 


  1. And that Giants game went DOWN TO THE WIRE. Good idea to skip the beads.
    Holy butchering, batman!

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  2. yup, can't watch a football game without some yelling and occasional jumping around.

  3. I've been wanting to make some jerky, how do you make yours? I saw a thing on "Good Eats" today where the guy laid out his strips of cut (marinated) meat on air filters (cellulose filter not fiberglass) and then bungee corded them to a box fan and let the fan run for 8-12 hours. It was the craziest looking contraption I've ever seen, but it sparked an interest I guess. So, I told my man that I want to make some this weekend. lol
    I get annoyed with beads, but there are some projects that I wish I could get over it because I think it would look better with beads.

    1. Hi Jess, I do it 2 ways with variations. if you want to do sliced meat (beef, venison..), then you need to slice it about 1/4" thick, and 1.5" wide strips and marinate it in your spices and some tender quick (which is a preservative) for about 24hrs. then drain it, and lay the strips either in a dehydrator (follow manufacturers directions) , or put them on aluminum foil covered racks in your oven. turn the oven on to 150 degrees F and prop the door open a bit so the moisture can get out. then check them every 3-4 hours. swap the rack positions, and if they look about half done, turn them over.
      the last few years, making venison jerky, we grind the meat 1 time, (first grind when making sausage). then mix the ground meat with the seasonings ( lately I have been buying jerky flavor kits from the grocery store.) and follow the directions for letting the meat sit. run it through a jerky shooter (rolling it out between wax paper was just too messy.) either onto the dehydrator trays or once again on the foil covers oven racks. with ground meat you don't need to turn the jerky have way through while in the oven.


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