Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 4 and stuff

I have completed Day 4 of the TIAS.

had a rough afternoon at work.  my computer started to act up and it took me about 2 hours of constant restarts and fiddling to get it to work again.  turned out I had to switch out my keyboard. 
a couple days ago, and again today I had tipped my travel mug of water onto my desk.  Neither time did I think any water got in my keyboard, but apparently it did.  must have shorted it out over time as I used my computer for several hours after spilling the water.  but once it dawned on me that maybe ..... so unhooked it and got a different one, and voila! it worked. 

by 3:30 I was the only one left in the building and by the time I got it all working again,  it was time to get home.  so didn't get anything more accomplished.

Tomorrow is sausage making day.  we should end up with 100 lbs of venison sausage by the time we are done. 

we will grind the venison and pork once, reserve enough for jerky, then mix in the spices and grind again, then stuff the casings. we are going back to pork casing this year.  last year we tried beef casings, they were easier to stuff, and the rings were plumper, but the casing was tougher, and the sausage didn't seem to smoke as well.  also the casing needed to be removed when you ate the sausage, with pork you didn't need to do that.

Then the cleanup.  the big electric grinder and the stuffer.  takes forever to clean those tiny holes in the grinder plates.  The sausage will be smoked by a friend of ours on monday.  then we will need to get all of it vacuum packed  and in the freezer ~ lots of good stuff to eat this year. 

So early to bed tonight so I have enough energy to get it all done. 


  1. I hate those days at work when it takes the entire day to get the computers up and running, even when it's a simple fix!

    We don't get together to make sausage much anymore, but for many years we made an old family recipe of venison sausage with pork - also using pork casings. Now we mix the meat and make patties sometimes - tastes the same. We put allspice and cloves and pepper in the mix - but it's not smoked.

    I'm not doing the TIAS, but it's fun to see everyone's progress! You have a good start . . .


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