Wednesday, January 18, 2012

finally showing some Christmas Tatting

I am finally showing some of the Christmas Tatting. Some of the bells were given away before I took pictures. I am still tatting the last couple of bells, but these have beads, and they are taking more twice as long to do, as well as the other tatting I am trying to accomplish in this new year. There are only 12 of the 25 bells that I did pictured below.

so without further ado ...

all of the bells are tatted using a varigated Lizbeth in size 20 and a gold Mauela also in size 20.  The pattern is the angel skirt from the Tatting with Tatsy book.  click on the patterns tab at the top to find the graphic showing the changes I made to the pattern in the book.


  1. Very pretty little bells...lovely! 25 of them is impressive as well!!!

  2. The Bells are beautiful and thank you for sharing the directions! I have the Tatsy book and will have to give it a try. Linda in NM

  3. Very pretty Mom!



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