Wednesday, April 15, 2009

updated picture of flooded road

It occurs to me that I haven't posted a picture of our flooded road since I posted the one of the high water.

above you can see the west (left) and east (right) shoulders of the road, the road bed itself is gone. this is on the south side of the bridge in the picture in the previous post. the picture in the post below is on the north side of the bridge.
this road is the main road to get north of our farm. you need to go north to get to a major town for groceries, for the mail to come from our local post office and for the school bus to get the neighbors kids. It will be weeks if not months before this road is usable. The post office agreed to allow us to put a temporary mailbox on the intersection just north of this area of road. The water had gone down enough that DH can use the 4-wheeler and a bit of wading so we can get the mail. otherwise it is a 30 mile round trip to get our mail.
The water is still pouring across this road, it has cut the west shoulder and is flowing across the road and out the east shoulder.
Gotta get to work, took a few minutes to post this as DSL at work is so much quicker then dial-up at home.
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