Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bookworm and a Giraffe

Farmguy was able to finish the combining last week, so we took a few days vacation and went hunting with some good friends.

It took about 10 hrs + driving time to get to SW Nebraska.

I don't bird hunt, my job was to do the cooking for 8 adults and 1 near teen.  I was in charge of the evening meal and helped with getting breakfast done at 4:15 am. Noon meal was eaten out in the field.

While the hunters and the dogs did their thing, I stayed at the campers and tatted. 

A week or so ago, I participated in a riddle game on Facebook.  If I got the answer to the riddle wrong, I was to change my profile picture to a Giraffe.  Well, I got the answer wrong.  The Giraffe picture I used was from Jane Eborall's Tatted Giraffe pattern

It is about 4.25" in Lizbeth size 40.  I think the colorway is Mountain Breeze #134.  I did goof a join on the last leg and had to untat 4 split rings.  I could have cut it off, but I am stubborn and like to be able to go from start to finish with out adding in thread unless I run out.

I filled 2 Aerlit bobbins with about 11 yards on each.

Anyway.. once I finished, I decided to see how far the thread left on the bobbins would go so I tatted another Bookworm
I think I twisted the left side of his head when I put him in the scanner.  That is a 6" ruler in the picture so from tip of tail to tip of tongue he is about 6.5" long. I used up the thread on 1 bobbin and added in the 2nd one and when I finished, there is still about 2 yards or so left on the bobbin. I finished the Bookworm on the drive home.

I did some more tatting on the drive home..
I had started this Merriment Doily  by Jon Yusoff a while back, but hadn't taken the time to finish the 8th repeat.

 I was able to tat the outer section of the repeat, but the last clover leaf set I ran out of thread on my shuttle.  The drive wasn't the smoothest as the pickup I was riding in was pulling a very large, long camper.  So I decided not to deal with adding in new thread on the drive.  The thread is Jess! Foster's Kaleidoscope Bright size 40.  I have Kaleidoscope Light as well and will do a coordinating pair.

 I then started the Clover Leaf Doily by Linda Davies. The links to her patterns are in the right hand column.  I was able to get the 1st round and half of the 2nd round before I had to stop.

The thread is possibly an HDT by Zarina called Orchid Garden size 20 however, I have lost the label so don't know for sure.  The solid I am using for the chains is Lizabeth Olive Dk size 20.

Now I have to finish some snowflakes that are promised, I don't carry beads and findings with me on trips.  Too easy to drop them so I only work with them when I am at home. So I didn't take them with me.


  1. My brain fuzzed out at the idea of the 4:15 am breakfast! The would not be my idea of a vacation, nor would feeding 8 for dinner! And a 10-hr drive! You are made of much sturdier stock than I! The best part was the staying at camp and tatting! You actually tatted the fabulous giraffe there? And at least you could tat in the car! Great photos! Hope you're 'relaxing at home, but I know better!

    1. Kathy, I had 7 children so cooking for 9 isn't that big a deal.

  2. Brilliant giraffe, bit of an early start for me, and cooking for 10 just a bit different to my normal cooking for two. But at least you had a few hours to tat, beads are difficult to carry I use a seal little plastic bags but I need them to be as light as possible on aircraft travel. I love your other doilies, beautiful colours, look forward to seeing them both finished.
    I admire anyone who can tat while in the car, I have tried and it just did not work for me, perhaps the UK roads are not made for tatting.
    My penfriend is stationed in Nebraska at the moment.

  3. Wonderfully colourful post! Your giraffe is infinitely preferable to the photos I saw on facebook of a giraffe with its tongue hanging out.

  4. Dave doesn't hunt or fish, so that's not a vacation I would ever take, but it does sound relaxing, especially the part where you get to stay behind and tat! Love that thread by Zarina!

  5. What a wonderful giraffe! I love how the variegation worked or did you do that on purpose? I firmly believe that anything befor 5:00am is LAST NIGHT!

    1. Nope, the variegation happened all by itself.

  6. That is a special giraffe. Somehow it looks 3D. Now how do I get to facebook to see it? I was just wondering what you do during the 10 hour drive but you have a lovely doily as a result.

  7. Love that giraffe! I have that same mountain breeze thread but hadn't used it yet. I was wondering how it would tat up. My little girl loves giraffes, so I may have to take a page from your book and make one for her with it.

    Those doilies will be stunners when they are complete.

  8. You were a good person to keep cooking for all those hunters! Bet you enjoyed the quiet time with your tatting and books.

    1. I did enjoy the time with my tatting and my books. So nice with the kindle to be able to take several books with me. When my hands had had enough, I could read.


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