Sunday, October 27, 2013

Another BookWorm

I tatted another BookWorm Bookmark based on Dianna Stevens pattern.  You can find the pattern in my post below.

The thread is an unlabeled Manuela.  I loved the colorway wish they hadn't quit making it.

The ruler is a 6" so you can see how long the bookmark is.  The thread tail is all that I had left when I finished.
I started with a full Aerlit bobbin, pulled off about 2' or so to use as for the head chains, and finished finger tatting the last couple rings.  I actually skipped 2 rings so that I was able to finish.

I have been reworking Dianna's pattern so I can start with the lower side of the head, use double-double stitches to strengthen and straighten the neck area ~ do snakes have necks? ~ then using a split ring to start the body.  That way I only have to hide the chain thread end in the split ring, and then the rings thread in the last ring.  Dianna's pattern makes the body starting at the end behind the head and ends at the tail.  Then attaches the head so you have extra ends to hide.

I can see that I have to do another as I should have done a balance split ring instead which would have put the upper head side attached to the body at the top picot instead of at the side where it is right now.


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