Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Look what I got!

I have been on a trip for the past several days. 
Today was my first day back at work.
This was delivered to me today.

This past Sunday Farmguy and I  celebrated our 40th Wedding Anniversary.

Thanks kids and grandkids for the lovely flowers. They are wonderful.  Such pretty colors.


  1. Happy Anniversary to you and Farmguy - hope the next 40 are as terrific as the first 40!!

  2. Congratulations! Beautiful flowers to celebrate.

  3. Happy anniversary, hope you had a great day and another 40years of happiness?

  4. Happy anniversary! October is a beautiful month for an anniversary!

  5. Gorgeous! And happy anniversary to the both of you - congratulations!

  6. Beautiful flowers for a Milestone Anniversary!
    The photo could be framed! Congratulations!

    You're such a busy gal, I can't keep up. The canning project would have done me in - of course I wouldn't even know where to begin! How was the weather for your event? Looked like everything was outdoors!

    1. The Steam Threshers event over Labor day was very hot for Friday and Saturday. Sunday and monday were better weather.

  7. Happy Anniversary! 40 years together-- yay!
    We celebrated our 40th late last month.

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