Sunday, February 20, 2011

this weekend's project

I am posting here the shoulder bag that I mentioned in my previous post about the toiletries bag

The size is 16x12x4  I used a 2" wide webbing for the strap as I felt that would be more comfortable with a narrow strap.

There is a pocket in the flap behind the orange zipper ( recycled) can you see the flap?  guess that is what camouflage is for  he he.

I also put a zipper in the top of the bag, to keep contents from falling out
Sorry for the wiggle, it is late at night.

and here is a look at the interior.  I put a pocket on the back side of the bag too.  I used a taffeta type material, so that things will not "grab" the the lining when  you take them out and put them in.
I'm rather proud of how it turned out.

the basic pattern for the bag can be found here  and the idea for the zipper in the top came from here

on a weather note,  we got a severe winter storm again today.  wind from the northeast this time and more snow.  the forecast is for 6+"


  1. Did you get 6" of snow? Uffda, I think we did. It was a good day to stay inside and work on projects, wasn't it?

  2. yes, we did get the 6+" of snow, still snowing and blowing today. uff da!!


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