Friday, February 11, 2011

Reticule tatting is done

And here it is.
I finished the tatting tonight.  I made the cords on my Lucet, and they are threaded in the beading.  just for looks I stuffed the inside with dark purple velvet.  It hadn't originally been what I was thinking of using for the lining, but might end up being the perfect thing.
Other then the lining, the only thing not finished is the ends of the cords.  I don't yet know how to finish them off.  possibly tassels?.... or if you have any ideas that would be great if you leave me a comment.  So without further ado.....

added later   The bag is 7.75" wide and 9" tall.  I used size 10 Lizbeth in white, in the front I also included pink and green Krenick blending filaments for color.  The back, side joining and beading rows are all plain white.  I used about 1 and 3/4 balls of thread, including the lucet cords for the drawstring.  I think I will put tassels on the ends of the drawstrings.

most of this weekend will be spent at the sewing machine finishing the shoulder bag for farmguy to take on the plane.  and at the computer,  I have about 9 typed pages to accomplish this weekend.  If the Omnipage 15 software works like it should, about 7 of those will be scanned as text in to a text doc.  but if not,  then I will be typing my fingers off.
weather is supposed to be above freezing all weekend.  that will be soooo nice.
Have a great weekend all of you.


  1. The reticule is lovely. I'll have to check my Old Time Crochet collection to see if I have that issue.

  2. WOW, that's SO pretty. What an achievement. The purple is just right too. So, when are you posting it to me?!?!!??!?!?
    Seriously that's now a family heirloom.

  3. Your bag is gorgeous, simple tassels or I have seen little material covers, ( a semi circle of fabric edges turned in, then folded over to make a curved segment) I hope that makes sense.
    happy tatting

  4. This is really spectacular - I love the purple behind it!


  5. Thank you ladies, I am rather proud of it as it is the largest project that I have done, I will modify the post to give the size and the amount of thread used.

  6. Absolutely stunning! What beautiful work!

  7. I love the colors in this. I once made a similar one but in bright yellow which really was a bit overwhelming in the end. This is soft and appealing. I like your new blog appearance too.

  8. Very, very pretty.

    You might add a little length of white beads at the ends of the cord. They would be small and inconspicuous and yet add a finishing touch to the strings...

    Just thought of this: my mom's white opalescent one would be perfect! I could mail you some if you like the idea!

    Fox : )

  9. Thanks Gina and Fox, that suggestion Fox about the beads, I will have to give that a thought. I might have just the thing. I hadn't thought of beads.

  10. What a lovely bag! The blending filament adds just the right amount of color. I bet it also sparkles very nicely:) Absolutely lovely!

  11. Beautiful tatting and love the bag.
    Linda M in NM

  12. Absolutely stunning and I love the purple lining!

  13. thanks Mica and Quaycee for you kind comments, and yes Mica, the filaments do sparkle

  14. WOW!!!!!! Is that what I think it is??

    Must be because of the Facebook posting. I am speechless..that is beyond stunning.

    Am wondering if the knit socks can even begin to compare.

    Now that is talent!!

    Almost inspires me to want to learn..notice the word 'almost' lol

    I have some new antique Workbaskets given to me from 1946 to 1989 all with tatting in them. Several are doubles..would you like the doubles?

  15. yes Nimble, it is yours. VBG I am sure the socks will be just right. and yes, if you have doubles of workbaskets, I would love them.

  16. You know, Jeanne, I will treasure that the rest of my life. Not only because it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen but because it came from your heart and hands.

    You rock girl!

    P.S. Your socks are cashmere but that's all I'm saying!

  17. Wow! Your bag is beautiful. I am so afraid to start a project like this - I'm afraid I would never get it done.

    Great, great work.

  18. cashmere, ooohhhh,
    Thanks Happy, if you break it down, it is like doing 2 doilies and the top is like doing a collar, so it is just different bits and pieces.

  19. ***gasps***
    (That took my breath away)
    That... THAT is so beautiful!!!!!!

    Think it is time for mr to try creating one.. one to go with my future "time period" outfit... just need to get clever on a design using rings only!

    Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  20. Thanks for visiting my blog this evening, which has given me the opportunity to come over to yours and see your fabulous tatting, such a lot of work in this bag.
    Do hope you enjoy using your purple heart shuttle it is a beautiful wood, have passed on your thanks Happy Valentines Day to you!!


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