Thursday, February 10, 2011

just finished

I am going to post 2 items that I finished tonight.

 This is Wally Sosa's Super Bowl Snowflake.
I used size 20, but different brands and you can see the result,  they aren't the same.  The yellow is Manuela and the green is Flora.  It looks to me as if the Manuela is a "softer" thread and the stitches "squish" more and allowed me to pull the SCMRs tighter.  The Flora seems "crisper" and I couldn't make the chains match so they don't lay smoothly along the SCMRs.

I haven't blocked it yet, so hope it will look better, but I don't think it will be enough.  It was meant as the hostess gift for the neighbors who had us over for the big game last Sunday.  They served prime rib and since it was the gentleman's birthday, we had cake and ice cream too.  They are originally from WI so wanted to do it in the Packer colors.  I didn't get it started until after halftime, so didn't finish before the game ended.

Life interfered, but I was able to finish the TIAS tonight.  It is an airplane as so many guessed.  I resisted that for most of the steps, because I was used to Jane designing "critters" and it just seemed so obviously an airplane, that it just couldn't be one.    Oh well, I had a lot of fun tatting this,  I may have to do it again, (several times) I have 4 grandsons, and I think they might all like one.

I won't have any tatting to post until I get the reticule done.  I have about 3/4 of the last row done which turns out to be the old standard Hen and chicks edging, and the lining to sew.  I am hoping to be able to send it to the recipient in Monday's mail. 

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