Saturday, August 8, 2009

a new look for me too

inspired by Sy, Gina and others, I decided to spruce up my blog. my background was always dark and I like this light background better. There is a link to the background maker in the upper left corner and I have placed a button on my sidebar to her blog as well. She does very good work.

I have been tatting but still nothing to show. The cool damp weather the past couple of days has caused my arthritis to act up so I can do a lot of tatting at a time. I only have it in the one knuckle, but it is the one at the base of my right hand pointer finger, and it gets a lot of use no matter what you are doing.


  1. I like the new look of your blog.

  2. Very nice! I like her backgrounds also! I wish I had tried hers before fooling around with my blog. I think I'd have avoided my problems. How do you get a cool font for your header?

  3. Nice look! Ohhh - I do sympathize! My pointer is aching these days as well. Summer was not kind this year and here we are almost into the colder stuff! Hope you feel better soon: )) Fox

  4. Hi JOn, your's is pretty too. thanks for stopping by

    HI Diane, your new look is nice too, being able to change things is a womans' perogitive don't you think? the header text is one I found here someone else had used and posted about it. but I don't recall who.

    Hi Fox, The little aches and twinges of getting older can be so annoying. Hope your finger feels better soon too.

  5. Your blog looks super! I love the way all the colors complement!

  6. Thanks Gina, Thats what I was hoping for. I have changed the font in my header, but I don't think it quite goes, so will have to do some more work on that.


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