Monday, August 31, 2009

#3 for 25 motif challenge

Wow, some many comments on my 100th post give away. This is great.

I'm in the process of testing various patterns to determine the ornament drape for this year's Christmas presents.
below is Lenore English's Snowflake #1 from 1999 It was published in the book Tatting Online edited by Georgia Seitz. It was done in size 20 lizbeth thread in the colorway Springtime. ( the label is missing so don't know the color number)

It would work for me with a few modifications, and I may end up with this as my starting point, but in the mean time, I am trying another pattern to see what strikes my fancy.

I like doing ornament drapes versus ornament covers, because they are easier (I am essentially lazy) and if one of the kids drops the ornament and it breaks, all you have to do is put the drape on another one. (I'm thrifty too)

This is #3 for my 3rd 25 Motif Challenge. It turns out I do about 2 challenges a year.

This past weekend was so nice. Almost felt like Indian Summer. I was at my daughters 95 miles away. They are re-doing their basement so they have a couple more bedrooms. They have a small house with only 2 bedrooms originally but 3 kids.
I am so blessed in my kids and their spouses. They rally around each other and between 2 weekends nearly all the family showed up at one time or another to help out. This spirit of cooperation has worked before. The sons in law trade work at one another's places, go hunting together, enjoy getting together at family events. None of them knew each other before marrying my daughters. All good people. one daughter and her fiance drove 3+hours to come help. Another is expecting a baby any day, but came an hour & a half along with her husband. Our son came both weekends to help. I had a wonderful visit and helped with the grandkids. there were 7 grandkids between the ages of 9 mos and 8 yrs for a while. Took them all on a walk to 2 different parks to play and keep them out of the guys way.

DH would have been there too, but is trying to get the wheat combined.


  1. Ooh! I love the color! I prefer ornament drapes as well... same reasons!

    I think it's wonderful that everyone pitches in. We have the same attitude in our family, although half of them live 9 1/2 hours away! We simply plan projects around visits!

  2. I was telling Michael about the bicycle picture; he can't believe you had a total of 10 kids running through your house/through your farm every summer from 1990-1999! And that wasn't including friends of the girls that would stop by for an afternoon!!

    Think of the bicycle picture you could have now with of all of the kids/spouses/grandkids!!


  3. Hi Diane, I am so glad we all get along, makes for good times.

    HI Miss anthrope, that was a picture wasn't it. maybe I should hunt it down and post it. will have to do that sometime.

  4. Jeanette Congratulations on a beautiful snowflake that you have done.
    The thread that you used is very beautiful.

  5. Love the colours! I was surprised to see this was Lizbeth.... Very pretty. : ) Fox

  6. Thanks mamatejedora, glad you stopped by.
    Hi Fox, I love this colorway. somehow I ended up with 2 balls of it so have enjoyed using it.

  7. I love this design! Your picots are just perfect and the thread you used is so colorful.


  8. Hi Linda, thank you for your kind words and thanks for stopping


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