Tuesday, August 18, 2009

UPDATED #2 of third 25 motif Challenge and other things

UPDATE: This is the Beatrice Doily by Iris Niebach from her book Tatted Doilies. You can find the book at Handy Hands and other tatting suppliers. The thread is Melamine by Heather Johnston in size 30. Links for Handy Hands and Heather can be found in a previous post about this doily.

yeah, I know it isn't completely done, but it would have been done the other day if I hadn't run out of thread. the additional thread needed is now on it's way to me, so I will get it done as soon as it gets here and then it will be on i't way to the fund raiser.
I am putting my shuttle down for a few days and picking up a crochet hook.
I get so cold at work with the air conditioner blowing in my office since the thermostat is out in the receptionists office. Yet a full sweater is too much so I found an quick, good looking shrug pattern for $5.00 on Etsy and some really nice yarn from yarnmarket.com, so I have started the shrug. The yarn is a blend of cotton, viscose (rayon), and silk in a pretty silver and lt. sage varigated.
I crochet fast so it won't take me very long to get it done. I have only spent about 1.5 hrs on it so far and have a good chunk done. I will show it to you when it is finished.


  1. It's looking lovely! I am guessing this is one of Iris Niebach's patterns? I have all of her books now, but haven't tatted anything from it! LOL!

    I know some girls at work who keep blankets on the backs of their chairs and put them over their shoulder when the AC kicks on, LOL! Hey, it works...I never thought of a shrug, though. I'm not under one of the vents, though!

    ~TattingChic ♥

  2. Hi Chiclet, I have updated my post to reflect the doily pattern and thread. I think you will get a kick out of tonights post.


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