Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wedding tatting

Here is the first post of the tatting that I am doing for my daughter's wedding.
The paint sample cards are the colors that she has picked for her wedding. Like always, the scanner changes or washes out the colors. The background is supposed to be gray.
The blues are the colorway that her bridesmaids can use to chose their dresses. They can (within reason of course) chose any dress they want as long as the color matches, that way they will have a dress that they like, that looks good on them and that they may be able to wear again.
The reds are the accent colors.
The letters are the first 3 out of 6 for the bride and bridesmaids, these will be attached to the handles of the bouquets.
I will be tatting some small flowers with beads for the streamer ends of the ribbons that wrap the bouquet handles and also some filler bits for the bouquets.
There has been talk of possibly tatting initials for the groomsmen and groomswoman ( yes, one of the grooms attendants is a female and has been a friend of the groom since they were very little kids) possibly on the pocket hanky or of anyone has a good suggestion that would be appreciated.
Just found out tonight that a friend of ours died, the visitation was tonight and the funeral is tomorrow morning. That is what we get for not reading the paper when we are busy. and the durn local radio station thinks that it is cute to have lots of dj conversation as opposed to having some actual news. Oh well, I am trying to decide if I should take the time to post a grouch on the radio station's website blog page.
Went Etsy shopping at work this evening. Today was payday, so of course I had to spend a bit.
I will let you know what I got when it gets here.
The boss is very understanding, as long as I clock out, I can stay and use the computers at work. We have DSL at work, here at home we have dial-up. It is sooo much easier and quicker to load pages with lots of graphics at high speed.


  1. The wedding tatting is going to be fab. I wish I had some suggestions for you but my brain has turned to pudding these last couple of months. I am sorry to hear about your friend who passed away.

  2. Just a note to say "Hi" and to tell you I love the 'Fleur de lys'.


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