Friday, June 26, 2009

SSSR with joins

A question was posted to Here-Be-Tatters email list wondering how to use a Single Shuttle Split Ring and still join to elements to either side.

I was thinking that you could do the second side of the split ring as if it was a split chain.
I have tried it out and while it will take a bit of work to get it perfected, it didn't turn out too bad.
The color of thread I used for the SSSR was a bit too light, but you should be able to see the results anyway.

rings are all 4-4-4-4
Begin a regular ring 4+4 then closed the ring until it was the proper size. - step 1
carry the shuttle thread down to the bottom of the ring, and start doing unflipped stitches as you would for a split chain over both threads. - step 2 as you can see, I have made 4 stitches

Join to the element on the right side and continue with the stitch count. - step 3

I didn't do the join correctly on the second side, I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to do it. in the first trial with the light colored ring, I joined in the first half of the ds, but it looked twisted, in the second trial, with the blue ring, I joined in the second half of the ds it will take some larger thread and a few more tries to get the join correct, maybe someone else has already figured it out. seems to me i have joined to a split chain before, but can't remember how. I know that I can do a picot, that is no problem, but the join......


  1. Great stuff. I'm off to try that - well, when I'm dressed and have done the essential shopping!!! Thanks for your input.

  2. Thanks Jane, I hope it helps. I will do some work with it too to try and refine the join on that side. I am sure it is very simple once the light bulb goes on. I may need to borrow your brain cell #3


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