Sunday, June 28, 2009

plenty of tatting, no pics, but look what I found

I have been tatting this weekend for my daughter's wedding.

I don't have any pictures of the tatting ready yet, but thought you would like to see what I found yesterday.

Looking out our bathroom window, this is what I see.
There was a lot of wind yesterday and while the tree branch was waving back and forth, I discovered a bird nest. I wonder if birds get dizzy from the wind driven roller coaster as we had constant winds in excess of 20 miles an hour with gusts up above 30

The nest is situated so that the leaves will act just like an umbrella, which is good considering that we have been having way too much rain.
I am not sure, but since it is a suspended nest, I think it is an Oriole.
this is a side view,

and here is a rear view.

I realize this picture of the nest and eggs is a bit out of focus, looks like there are 5 eggs.

I held the camera a bit too close, but it was hard to hold the leaves and branches out of the way and still get the camera high enough to take a picture into the nest, as the nest is above my head. I didn't want to disturb things too much hoping that mama would come back, and she did.
I didn't go anywhere near it today. I will check on it from the window watching for babies to hatch.
I will keep you posted.


  1. Thanks TattinChic, and Thanks Mary,
    I am excited. I was carefully checking out the window this morning. mama was snuggled down keeping babies warm - it was chilly this a.m.


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