Wednesday, December 6, 2017

More Socks

I haven't seemed to be able to get much craft work done lately.  Gardening, chores, housework, farming and bookkeeping seem to be keeping me busy.

Our congregation does a giving tree each year, this year there were several names that were still on the table after the 2nd sunday.  I couldn't afford to fill all those requests but I could help out with some socks.  So I started this past Thursday eve and Monday morning I finished the last kitchner stitches on the last pr.

I also have a friend that is battling breast cancer,  surgery, chemo and now radiation.  I have cranked a pr of socks for her too.

I have more yarn to make socks so need to get cranking. 


  1. Wow, that sock machine of your can certainly do a splendid job in a hurry!

  2. Such a wonderful, warm gift. You make socks so much faster than my knitting needles! Good too see you posting.

  3. That's a lovely lot of socks! Oh, dear... I'm feeling the itch to search for a sock machine again!

    1. Well, Diane, depending on if you are hankerin for an antique or not, the Erlbacher Gearhart company in Missouri, makes brand new ones that are very nice, and their customer service is outstanding.


  5. Thanks very nice blog!


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