Thursday, April 9, 2015

This week's craft is sewing

This week, I have been working on another sewing project for our Priest.

He has always wanted a Mercy vestment to wear on Mercy Sunday.

For those unfamiliar with Mercy Sunday it is based on a series of visions by St Faustina concerning the Mercy of Christ.

The image that was given to ST Faustina looks like this

St Pope JohnPaul II named the Sunday after Easter as Mercy Sunday.

Father found a chasuble with an image of Christ's Mercy on it, but didn't like the style.

He had another Chasuble he liked but didn't have the image
So he asked if I could put the image from the first one onto the 2nd one.
It turned out that the image was actually embroidered directly onto the front and back panels of the first vestment.  So I had to remove the panels and cut around the image  to make an applique.  I was really worried about cutting the gold embroidered threads, but it worked out O.K.

I have gotten the front image stitched on
 but I used a very thin nylon thread so have to wait for tomorrow morning to do the back so I can see better.

These old eyes had some trouble tonight - actually, I couldn't see the thread, I just  watched the needle placement.
Here is a closer look

I think it turned out pretty well.

Next week, back to socks, as the de Quervain syndrome in my left wrist is still interfering with my tatting.
It is finished


  1. Your Preist is a blessed man to know such a perfect seamstress!!

  2. It looks like you did a beautiful job! I'd be nervous about undertaking a project like that, also.

  3. Fantastic job! He will be overjoyed with this, as will the parishioners! Sure hope your wrist gets better!

  4. Beautiful! You did a great job on this.

  5. What a beautiful result. Patience is rewarded.


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