Sunday, April 19, 2015

Socks or not and tatting update

My De Quervain Syndrome is not healing very quickly, so I am still unable to tat.

I can crank on my sock machine so am getting that done.

Yesterday I traveled 2.5 hours to Rocking Horse Farm near St Cloud MN they handle both circular and flat knitting machines as well as skads, and skads of yarn and other fiber tools. 

They were hosting their 16th annual Circular Sock Machine (CSM) Crank-in.

Deb Oswald presented a project lesson on making headbands with your CSM.  I was able to complete 2

They are available for sale at the top of this page under the page heading Socks & Things for sale.

I have made a more pairs of socks too. 

I thought I would share a few of the new animals here on the farm

they are a week old now and growing bigger every day.

The little black one in the background disappeared while I was gone yesterday.  I have no idea what happened.  Mama is a very good one, but......

I hope your weekend has been pleasant, you have accomplished all you set out to do. 
Much tatting and crafting for all. 


  1. I love those headbands! I'll bet you can really "crank" them out, especially after spending time with other sock machine fanatics!

    1. They are pretty easy to do Diane. I was thinking of you and all the ones you have embellished while cranking them.

  2. Very interesting post! I never realized there was such a thing as a Circular Sock Machine Crank-In !!! I guess I had no idea that so many people even have these machines, and I remember being amazed that you even found one, and that it actually functioned! I see from the link that there is great interest in these machines, and that they are being manufactured again in limited numbers.

    And as I've written these comments I remembered that I actually have one of those 'modern' plastic 'round knitting machines' that I purchased at Michaels a few years ago just to see how it worked. (I hope I had a 40% off coupon!) It was a bit tricky to work with, and had limited use for making small caps, so it's been relegated to the closet! I also have a Bond knitting machine (also stored away), which is second-hand, on which I did make a few summer short-sleeved 'shells' and some scarves (which I had to stabilize by crocheting around the edge. It was fascinating to watch the needles move in and out, so I can understand your interest in the sock machine, which it wouldn't take up that much room. The headbands are a clever 'new' use - and colorful!

    Hope your thumb gets better soon! The chicks are so cute, although it would be worrisome about the black one.

    1. Thank you Kathy, they are fascinating machines. You can knit socks on your flat machine i have been told. There are many youtube videos where you can see socks being knit on a sock machine.

  3. I envy your trip to Rocking horse farm!

  4. De Quervain - ouch! That was mentioned when I was dealing with the 'trigger thumb' last year,. Hope it heals soon :)
    Love those headbands!


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