Monday, April 28, 2014

This might come in handy

I haven't been able to do much tatting this winter, I had something wrong in the base of the back of my left hand near my wrist.  A pinched nerve or something.  The Chiropractor said there was some kind of calcium deposit or something, but it is fixed now and I can get some tatting done.

The first thing I have done is Jane Eborall's TIAS pattern 
The threads are both size 20 in Lizbeth Rainbow Taffy and DMC Babylo in orange

You will note that I have an extra ring at the top of the mast.  I needed an easy way to hide my final ends so used a SSSR to do so.  Works like a charm. Thanks Jane for the fun pattern.

With the weather this past several days, we may need a boat.  We have gotten over 2" in the past 3 days, but several miles from here they have had almost 4".  All the whole month of April we didn't get any and now it is coming at once.  Only good thing, it should finally get the frost out of the ground.  The farmguy and other farmers around here are chaffing at the bit.

Have a really great May day on Thursday.


  1. Cool! Very pretty. Be sure to post to the TIAS blog so Jane can see!

  2. I'm glad your hand is well enough now for tatting!

  3. Sorry to hear about your hand, and that it's getting better, Lovely ship.
    Have a lovely May Day hope it's fine for you.
    Nice to see you back again.


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