Monday, March 24, 2014

Twirlz and Stawasz Flowerpot II

I needed an easy take along project as I accompany someone with medical issues. Something easy to pick up and drop at the call of a name, so I pondered what to chose and picked up Jan Stawasz book of Tatted Treasures. 

Diane of Lace Lovin' Librarian had sent me 4 samples of Lizbeth Twirlz threads in red, green, purple and blue to try.

Jan's Flower Pot II looked perfect, I could pair both the Twirlz threads and regular Lizbeth and other brands in the same project.  All threads are size 20
Please ignore the thread ends, I never cut them close until the project is complete.

I have completed 2 of the flowers.  I used a Manuela variegated for the bud and the Lizbeth Twirlz for the sepals,stem and leaves.  If you have looked at the pattern, you will note that I missed the picots at the sides of the bud.  I like this better, but it was an oops. 

The second flower on the right is done with Lizbeth yellow and 2 of the Twirlz. 

The Twirlz thread seems to me to be softer then the regular Lizgbeth, not as soft as a perle cotton, but not as crisp and firm as regular either. 

I do have to admit that I do not tat using Jan's method,  I tat frontside/backside and many years ago when I studied his technique, it worked out to be about the same, so that is what I do. 

I have also used a Single Shuttle Split Ring at the bottom to hide ends, in doing so, I have missed making the joining picot, but I think I can tease one out anyway when it comes time. 

I have 3 more flowers to make and then the pot.  I have the colors picked out for the flowers, but I do not have any idea yet as to what I will use for the pot.  Maybe I will have to find a terracotta color so it really does look like a flower pot.

This project is going to be my "take along"  work, so it will be a while before it gets completed.

Life is going to be a bit calmer for the next week or 2, so maybe I can sit down and finish a couple projects that I need to get done. 


  1. It's going to be pretty. I look forward to seeing the final flower pot.

  2. It's good to have something to take to hospital appointments, they can take hours just to see a doctor or then onto an X-ray etc.,
    The flowers look lovely and I look forward to seeing the rest as you tat it.


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