Thursday, March 13, 2014

some catchup

This has been a very cold winter. 
My office at work has a huge north facing window - it used to be a school.  The chill coming off the window even if I am dressed warm enough, has bothered my hands.  So there has been not too much tatting this winter.

I did get a few things done.
This is Frivole's Snowflake Celeste. 

Last November I shared the start the Clover Leaf Doily by Linda Davies. The links to her patterns are in the right hand column of her blog.

Looks great here doesn't it. Well, This is what it looked like when I finished the 2nd round .

I pulled and pulled the joins, but the picots are just too small.  So, I will have to start over.

I did a bit more on the sock machine as well.

I made my first pair of socks. 

The weather has suddenly gotten much warmer.  A couple weeks ago we are still having temps below zero and not just at night.  Now today it was 58 F and sunny.  Still very windy.  but the snow is disappearing and the ground is starting to dry out. 
I think spring might actually get here.

Have a good day tomorrow and count your blessings.


  1. I LOVE the snowflake! You are progressing well with your knitting machine. When I knit socks -the old fashioned way lol-I measure from the heel 7 1/2 inches and then start the toe. That works well on most womens feet. We had a high of 62 today and you could go mudding in my driveway! Keep up the good work! Marybeth

  2. Congratulations on your first sock machine socks! What a shame the doily cups. I sometimes think tatting patterns should have tension indications like knitting patterns.

  3. Nice to see you back! We had lovely warm weather today. Wish I could send you some. Karen in OR

  4. Why not keep going with the cupped doily and make a nice tatted basket? It's such a luscious colorway!

    1. it is a pretty colorway. I will be starting over, although I will be changing the varigated thread from the hand dyed - I lost it somewhere on a trip :( - I will be using Lizbeth Autumn Spice with the Olive Dk

  5. Your socks are so beautiful.
    Sorry to read that your tatting is slowed by this wicked cold winter.

  6. Your snowflake is gorgeous!!! :)
    And I love the colors and the look of the start of your doily!!! :) Sorry it didn't work out well when the round was finished, but I hope it all goes well next time!! :)

  7. I love that Celeste flake - gorgeous! I haven't done much tatting this winter either, but I have no excuses! The weather here is finally melting this overload of snow we have too - maybe it will be inspiring? In any case, save those socks for next winter!

  8. Your Celeste is perfection and even though the doily isn't want you want, I'm in love with colorway!

    1. i really like the HDT too, but I can't find it. I have a Lizbeth that is close, doesn't have the purple, but will look pretty good to try again.

  9. Lovely snowflake, sorry the doily did not work out, And your socks are very colourful,
    I understand your winter has been hard, ours has been wet wet wet, spring is here now so hopefully yours is nearly there.
    Nice to see you blogging again.

  10. Great work on the socks!

    And I like the doily/hat!


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