Friday, May 17, 2013

quicky post

I was going to do another catch up post last night, but we had a major breakdown here on the farm.
A wheel bearing went out on the tractor being used in a field 5 miles from home.  We had to figure out how to get it back without driving it.
we got it done but supper wasn't started until after 9:30 pm.

I will see what I can do about it tonight.

Orsi has a giveaway on her blog.


  1. I must know how you got the tractor back! Not exactly like calling AAA! It boggles my mind!

    I also can't believe how much tatting you get done, with your busy life., Those are very impressive snowflakes!

  2. Well, Kathy, I don't know if you are familiar with tractors or not, but here goes. On the back of most tractors, (not the super big ones) there is a marvelous device called a 3-point hitch. When a field cultivator or other piece of equipment is attached to that, you can raise it up off the ground or lower it so it goes in the ground. It works by hydraulics. There is no hookup on the front of a tractor to use the 3-point hitch, but farmguy is smart and was able to figure out a way to hook the 2 tractors together. Then he was able to raise the front of the disabled tractor up - it was a front wheel that was affected. With the help of a neighbor who rode the towed tractor home, they were able to get it back to the yard. If that hadn't worked we were going to load the front of the tractor on a car trailer and try hauling it home that way.
    Turns out it was only a bushing that went out, but the great big bolt/nut that is to tighten up the wheel and keep it on the tractor (separate from lug nuts, those were tight) was not as tight as it should be and that was the way it came from the factory. The tractor is only about 5 yrs old.
    Instead of farmguy doing the repair work himself, which he is capable of doing, we did call the implement dealer to come fix it. Farmguy just doesn't have the time to spend fixing right now.


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