Thursday, May 23, 2013

Finished Tatting and some more Catch up

I have some tatting to show that I just finished.  Last night in fact.
This is Jane MacTats edging turned into a Cross by Grace Tan.  Jane details the pattern on her blog.
The link to the pattern is on the right side of her blog.

The colors are Yellow and light Blue, the colors worn by the sports teams at a high school near here.  The organist for our Church is graduating this Sunday.  She attends this school.

The threads are Flora Size 20

I want to show you a neat item that I ran across a couple weeks ago.

 This is a collapsible light box.  It comes with 4 backgrounds, white, black, red and navy.  This one only has a front opening, but you can get them with both a front and a top opening. 

Here I have attached the removable front.  The slit is so you can insert your camera I think.

Here it is folded flat

Here twisted into a small circle

And finally in it's little pouch with the backgrounds.
I purchased mine from here  I got the 17" one.

Now for some Catch up

I promised to post the contents of the little tin boxes that I included in my PIF give away a few weeks ago.  The tins have all been received by their winners and so I can now show you what I had put in them.
Inside the tin was a new Aerlit Shuttle with extra bobbin, some doodads, 4 brass earring findings, but they have no way to attached earrings to them but they work really great as picot bead holders, or stitch markers. And 2 unused balls of antique size 70 or 80 Tatting Thread.  All the balls were brands that are no longer being made.  Also the earrings that I made.  I hope the recipients were pleased when they opened their boxes.

A friend lost a family member and I wanted to make something in rememberance.

These are the pieces that I made  And put together they are an Angel

 The thread is Lizbeth size 40 with a silver blending filament.  The halo is made from just the blending filament. The head is crocheted using the same white thread and a pattern I found online for an amigurami ball.  I had to take my glasses off to see what I was doing, but I think it turned quite well.

This is the back view.  The wings are made using the Hope Butterfly pattern from Lady Shuttle Maker.  You will find the pattern on the right side of her blog, way down toward the bottom of the page, along with other patterns she has for free.

Well, this is long enough.  I think I might be caught up on the tatting I can show.  I am still working on 3 projects.  2 I can't show you until they are finished.  The other one I can show progress, maybe this weekend. We will see.  Just realized that I am not caught up.  I have a dragon or 2 to show. 


  1. What wonderful goodies in the tin with your beautiful earrings. Did you plan the colours on the cross? Neat light box.

    1. I used 2 separate colors on my shuttles, and that is the way it worked out. I did make sure that I started the 2nd side correctly so that it would keep the yellow on the outside.

  2. Love your version of Grace's cross. What a good idea to make it in the school colours. Your tin would be very exciting to get in the post!

  3. The cross is lovely, I especially like the two colors, I started it in variegated but now I think I made a mistake! It's gorgeous!

    Thanks for the light box tip, reasonable price!

  4. That is a very interesting light box! Isn't it fun to put together items to give away? Your angel is a very thoughtful gift.

  5. Your cross is fabulous!!! :)
    And what a sweet angel!! :)

  6. This is an amazing post! I'm still not sure how you did the color changes on the amazing cross! Looks like you really had to pay attention! I also like the basic pattern and remember seeing it on Jane's blog. Very artistic interpretation of the pattern!

    The light box is great! Have never seen that before! Thanks for showing it in such detail!
    The giveaways were very special. Congrats to the winners! And I love the adorable 3-D angel! Very clever combination of elements!

    1. Actually Kathy, the colors just work out that way. I had one shuttle with blue and one with yellow, the split rings in the middle have both colors of course, so it wasn't difficult at all.

  7. I really like that cross. I've started one of my own.

  8. Lovely cross. That box is pretty cool, too.


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