Thursday, February 28, 2013

the mailman dropped this off

I was happy to get home, work was a bit stressful today, but waiting for me when I got in the door was a package.

and inside the package were these
picture shamelessly stolen from Jon's blog

Clicking on the picture caption will take you to the page on Jon's blog where she is offering her books for sale.

These books are very professionally done.  The paper is very nice and the publishing is excellent.  Jon, your books are wonderful.

Now as to the patterns,  oh these are great.  Each is done in both text and graphics.  With additional instructions if Jon thought necessary. 

I would recommend these books to any one from beginner to advanced.   
The patterns in Tatting With Rings  use rings, chains and the same wrapping technique you would use for split chains.  There are a few patterns that use split rings, and nearly all include beads.
The patterns in Tatted Snowflakes  utilize rings, chains, split rings and mock rings.
The patterns in Elegant Tatting Gems  generally use only the basic rings and chains.  There are a couple that have other techniques but they are not difficult.  The patterns do twist and turn on themselves a bit, so even advanced tatters should have fun tatting them.

Thanks Jon for such excellent patterns and such lovely books. 

I have been tatting, and have 5 projects going at the moment, however, I am not in a position to show anything right now.  Once I can, I will show them off.


  1. I already own these books, but I ordered another set and am eagerly waiting their arrival. I'm hoping my daughter Alison likes them and wants to keep on tatting because of Jon's beautiful designs!

  2. They look gorgeous! More to read....

  3. Wow - beautiful books. Probably books I NEED too, right?

    1. Oh yes, Cindy, you do need these! he he he
      I have 6 more commissioned snowflakes to make yet, and was making a list in my head of which to do.


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