Tuesday, December 4, 2012

news and prayers please

Last Friday, our newest grandson was born.  His name is Scot.  Saturday night he was transfered to the nearest large hospital with a NICU.
He has some issues with his breathing. 
Please pray that the doctors can figure out just how to fix the problem.

Thank you.

In the meantime I am still tatting snowflakes, and tonight I am canning tomato sauce.  I have gotten 14 qrts of sauce through the canner, and will start the 3rd batch now.

oh, Scot makes 11 grandchildren for us, 6 girls and 5 boys


  1. Congratulations, Grandma (again). My prayers are with you, your family and especially baby Scot.

  2. Congratulations on the arrival of Scot! I do hope and trust that his difficulties will soon be overcome. My grandson had the same, it was a worry for a while. I hope the canning is going well.

  3. Livi and I will be praying for baby Scot!
    Congratulations on the new grandbaby!

    One more grandbaby and you'll catch up with my Granny on my Dad's side, but you'll need another 4 to catch up with my Granny on my Mom's side. :o)

    1. Jess, there is a possibility of more, 2 of our children do not yet have any kids. I will never catch up to my grandmother on my mom's side. She and grandpa started out with 10 kids, and they had 68 grandkids. I don't know where the number of great-grands ended up but at one time they were way over 100 and the great-greats had started before she died at 98.

    2. 68!!! WOW!! Was she big into sending birthday cards? If she was, I'd be very impressed!

    3. nope, I don't ever remember getting a birthday card from her, but we often spent weekends at their farm, and I can remember all the yummy things she cooked on her wood fired kitchen stove. cream from that morning's milking seved over fresh picked mulberries... oatmeal with fresh cream and honey from grandpa's hives, parsnips, pickled apples from grandpa's orchard, fresh bread, gooseberry pie. he he, I can remember grandpa coming in early one morning from helping my uncle with chores. It was cold outside so he was wearing more than 1 pair of bib overalls. while he was standing near the cook stove, us grandkids at the kitchen table started giggling at him. he couldn't figure out why, he looked down at his chest as we were all pointing, and saw a mouse had crawled in one of his pants legs out in the haymow and had worked it's way up and was staring out of the top of his bibs trying to decide how to get away I am sure. I don't remember exactly what grandpa did, but it was sure a very good story for many years... still is.

  4. Congratulations on the birth of your new grandson! I will keep Scot, you, and your family in my prayers.

  5. Congrats on your newest arrival! He will grow and be strong with all the prayers and support he has. You better stop canning now - it's time for Christmas baking to go with those snowflakes :)


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