Thursday, November 1, 2012

Filament comparison

I had mentioned in my previous post that I likely wouldn't post much until after Christmas, but realized that I hadn't shown a comparison of all the different filaments that I had gotten for the snowflakes.

I have now tatted the same snowflake pattern in each of the 3 styles of metallic and want to show you the differences.  I used Lizbeth white in size 40 for each of these.

I thought the scan would show the differences a bit more, but if they are laid one on top of the other, the smallest is the #4 Very Fine Braid and the largest is the #8 Fine Braid.  The size of the snowflake made with the DMC is between the 2.
If I figured correctly before, using  the #4 with the Lizbeth is about a size 20, and I thought the #8 worked up as about a size 15, the DMC is somewhere between.

The color is different too as you can see in the scan above.

I pulled small snips off each so you can see the differences a bit more.

left to right......         #4                     ........DMC                            ...........#8
I like the way the Kreinick tats up, it is more like thread.  The DMC is stiffer and composed of 3 twisted strands, that want to separate at the cut end.   I think I will be ordering more of the #4, and maybe another spool of the DMC but not the #8 it is too large.

The snowflake made with the #8 isn't finished because I ran out of the filament.  There are only 10meters of braid on the small spools.  This was the amount left after tatting the snowflake in the post below.  With the #4, I made the snowflake in the post below and the 1 here.  So I got 2 out of the 11 meter spool.  There are 40 meters on the spool of DMC.

Happy Tatting.


  1. There is a noticeable difference in the snowflakes. Thanks for showing the comparison!

  2. I liked seeing the differences. Nice snowflakes--they'll sparkle up a tree for sure.

  3. Those are really nice snowflakes!! :)

  4. Lovely snowflakes, nice to see the comparison of different threads, Thank you for the comment on my blog, did you want a copy of the pattern, if you email me your email address I will send you a copy.

    1. Thank you Margaret, I would like that, I will email you right away.


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