Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Beginning with Later Update

Tonight I was able to start my Tat-A-Long.

If you haven't caught any other posts about it around the blogosphere, Jon at Tat-a-Renda  was able to get permission to update some long ago patterns by Norma Benporath.  She has been tatting them from the original notations and then is going to post graphic versions.

She posted the first graphic called Lace Mat  and has continued to post some hints and tips in several more posts.

When she posted the graphic pattern, she suggested having a Tat-A-Long.  Many tatters have taken up the challenge.

I finally got caught up on promised items and have been able to start my version.

The thread is hand dyed by Zarina  in Anchor size 50 called Orchid Garden. This thread is so pretty.

I have a solid coordinating thread that I will be adding during some of the rounds. I don't know what the solid color thread is, the label is long gone, but I did the wrap test to check for size and it is close enough that it should work.

If you haven't thought about joining the Tat-A-Long, give it a thought, it isn't too late to start.

Happy Tatting everyone.

This is what I wanted to finish tatting before I could start the above Tat-A-Long.
I was testing the Duchess pattern for Fox.   She has not yet released the pattern, so watch her blog for the release date.
The varigated thread is Lizbeth size 40 in Scottish Thistle # 175
The center is a tatted ring instead of a jewelry finding (doodad or tatament).  It is tatted in DMC Metallic Pearl Size 5 color silver.  I left the tails so I can use them as a hanger.  This may have 8 arms instead of a snowflakes normal 6, but I think it makes a very nice ornament.


  1. This is a beautiful thread! I'm always amazed by hand-dyed threads! And your tatting looks wonderful!

    Although I can't join the Tat-A-Long right now, I'm certainly enjoying seeing everyone's different color choices! Jon really started something with her dedication to charting Norma's pattern to bring it up to date. It has brought the 1938 design back to life!

  2. Jeanne - your tatting looks beautiful. You are right, HDTs give tatting a unique look.

    I would love to tat too but currently my body is not up to it. I think its the anxiety of finding a job.

    1. Thank you Zarina, I enjoy your threads, I have had this for a while saving it for the right pattern, and this is it. Good luck in your job search. I knew you were changing the focus of your blog, but didn't realize that you were unemployed as well.

  3. Wath a beautiful start. Beautiful theread!

  4. I love your thread choices for both patterns! Looking forward to the release of Fox's latest pattern!

  5. Your tat-along is off to a beautiful start! The Duchess pattern is another awesome piece of work. Love the colors on both.

  6. Your Lace Mat looks wonderful! Love that thread.

    Thank you for the test-tat. It looks so pretty in the lavender and green.
    Fox : )

  7. I love the color you chose for the start of your doily!!! :)
    And your Duchess motif is awesome!!! :)

  8. Lovely colour for the tat along, and your the duchess is lovely, Fox's pattern was lovely to tat and you test piece is beautiful

  9. Glad that you have managed to start the Tat-along, and it is looking good. I have tatted with Zarina"s HDT and liked the way the colour changes flow through the tatting.


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