Thursday, September 6, 2012

more pictures from the weekend

tonight I am going to post some pictures of the other crafts that are demonstrated in the Ladies Building along with tatting.

Weaving round scrap rugs

Weaving on looms

Weaving rectangular scrap rugs


Knitting Machine
Brazilian Embroidery

Sewing with a treadle machine & Hardanger
Dyeing yarns with Natural dyes
 The rug hanging behind Marion is her own weaving with her own hand dyed yarns.  It is hanging upside down, but wasn't noticed right away.  The center motif is a butterfly.  The same design is painted on her floor.
The wood cook stove works, and she uses that to cook her dyes,  beets, high bush cranberries, grapes, she uses mordants such as iron rust, copper, and other types of metals.

Spinning,  there were several spinners using varying types of wheels and yarns.

The sewing circle, where several people were doing different types of needlework

Sock knitters or scarves, her machines vary in age from 90 to 110 years old and they still work
The bobbin lacer who shared my booth
a mom and daughter

this is their booth, mom canes and daughter does sampler style cross stitch

That is tonight's tour of the ladies activities. 

I have some pictures of some of the outside displays and will share them another night


  1. What an array of crafting! I bet the creativity was humming loud in that place!

  2. What amazing photos!! (I have problems just loading one or two!) That's quite a tour and a variety of crafts. I can't believe that fabulous rug!!!! Is she of American Indian ancestry? I particularly noticed the sock knitting machine. Saw an antique one in operation on YouTube. Amazing. And it's interesting and important to show a regular knitting machine. Most people have never seen one. But they think it's 'cheating'. I found even working with a basic one that it involved many skills. Thanks for this amazing post!

  3. Absolutely delightful photos! How I wish I could've been there! Thank you again for the happy memories : )

  4. Very interesting, it looks like a fun day. Right up my street. Thanks for the photos.


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