Wednesday, July 18, 2012

video help

It has been suggested that I post a video of my tatting technique.
My digital camera takes decent videos, and stores them in MP4 format.
I do not have any software in my computer to watch them, or edit them. 
If anyone has any suggestions as to software that will work in an older computer using XP Home as an operating system I would appreciate the information.



  1. How about going to and uploading your mp4? The. You can share the address and anyone can watch if you set it up for public viewing or you can set it up to show to people who have the link which you could post on your blog or even embed it in the blog. Vimeo basic account is free and very easy.

  2. i use windows movie maker. its not fancy, but it gets my point across :)

  3. Sorry, I can't help... my computer skills are limited to what I teach elementary students.


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