Monday, July 23, 2012

how I tat

This is for Fox, and any one else who wanted to see how I tat.
This is very rough, but I do not have any editing software.
So ignore the first and last 10 sec or so.
Also, don't listen to the audio, there is just background noises.

Double Stitch for Tatted Lace from Jeanne Lugert on Vimeo.

let me know what I can do to make these better.


  1. Well! Thank you so much! You have proven to me that I am tatting like a real tatter as I seem to do it exactly as you do. Frivole holed her thread over the right hand second finger and you and I hole it over the third.

    I see you do not move your hand much in the second part of the ds. This is where I find I have to move my finger to accommodate the thread...

    WAIT A MINUTE!!!!! WHAT'S THIS?..... I SEE IT NOW!!! THE MISSING LINK! Wow - I finally see what I am doing wrong in the 2nd ds!! THANK YOU!

    Gotta go and see if I can do it again!
    Fox : )))

  2. So interesting! I hold my thread differently too but I can see how it would work. I see a career in video making.

  3. This is how I do it too, except that I hold my shuttle with the pick pointing upwards. It works for me because I usually use the pick for joins and I almost always do downward joins.

    1. I use the pick/hook for joins too. I do either down joins or up joins depending on what side I am working on. I do front side/back side almost exclusively. Fs/Bs is automatic with me, I don't have to think about it.

  4. Your video was well done! It had a little trouble loading for me, but finally did. I have IE9 and Windows 7.

    It's interesting that Fox has trouble with the 2nd ds, because it's not necessary to wrap your right hand in any way for the 2nd ds- just bring the shuttle over the foundation thread and 'drag' it back through the loop that's conveniently sitting there (thanks to gravity!) The first ds requires lifting the shuttle thread (with the right hand) above the foundation thread before pushing the shuttle under (then over) the foundation thread. So the 2nd ds should be the easier one to do!

    1. Thanks Kathy, I am not sure why you had trouble. I have XP and use Firefox, but once you upload to Vimeo, they do some kind of conversion, maybe from MP4, which is what my camera uses, to some other form.

      As for the 2nd half ds, yes, to me that has always been the "lazy" side, you don't have to do anything but pass the shuttle. he he.


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