Monday, June 18, 2012


 A several weeks ago, UminTsuru hosted a PIF.  For those who don't know PIF is simply Pay It Forward.  to participate, you agree to host a giveaway on your blog if you win.  For this PIF, the rules require 3 winners, and they host a giveaway for 3 winners.

I won, and WOW did I win.

 These are gorgeous.  I took them outside for a photo, and hung them on a Holly Hock. It was nearly dusk, and the colors are a bit dark. The crystals actually match the purple but look blue in this pic.  You can get another look at them on this post of  UmiNTsuru.

These earrings had a bit of difficulty in getting to me. They were wrapped very well in bubble wrap, but one of the large crystal dangles was broken during the trip.  Wendy very kindly offered to replace the broken crystal and I took her up on it as I didn't have anything that would be appropriate with this pair of earrings. Thank you Wendy for the additional service. 

Now I will be racking my brain to come up with my own PIF. Stay tuned, I should have it figured out soon.

on another note....
Arial over at Tatting Faerie has discovered she has 4 duplicate tatting books in her stash. To resolve this shocking circumstance she has decided to hold a tatting book exchange. To participate,   Go to her blog to read her post to find out what she would like in exchange.


  1. They look lovely in between your holly hocks. It was a pleasure tatting these for you.

    1. I can't wait until tomorrow, planning on wearing these to work as I have a noon meeting in another town with a group of people gathered from area towns for the purpose of promoting safety in the workplace. We are the board for the safety association and are planning a half day seminar for all the businesses in the 100 miles around.

  2. The earrings look beautiful, congratulations.

    Thank you for mentioning my exchange.

  3. You are right they are gorgeous, I hope you get lots of people admiring them when you wear them at the meeting


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