Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Trip Tatting

It's late, but I promised tatting so here goes.

My friend B and I traveled about 9 hours from North Dakota to Manitowoc Wisconsin.  Manitowoc is on the east edge of WI, right on Lake Michigan.

We were going to visit B's mom A.  We took turns driving, and while B drove, I tatted.


Here is a Rosary I tatted on the trip.  It was for A who is 84, so I used size 10 thread.  It is a hand dyed thread I bought on ebay several years ago, and do not know the colorway or the base thread, but it is soft.

2. A's sister, D, also lives in the same complex.  She is 90 which shocked me, as I was sure she was still in her 70's.  She flower gardens along the outside her apartment, plants tomatoes in the designated vegetable areas, and because she had more plants started then room for, dug up another area down the slope from her patio near a wooded area.  She also volunteers at the local food pantry every friday morning, leads the Rosary every evening at 7, sews and mends for people, and in her spare time, sets puzzles and does plastic canvas needle craft.

The plant below is one she has had for some time, but she said it made her mad as it wouldn't bloom, and was going to throw it out, so I took it.  

In the pot along with the plant was one of those clear stakes that florist use to hold a card. So, to pay her for being such a sweet lady, I tatted Sherry Pences' Hope Butterfly and attached it to the stake. D was pleased.

This was tatted using the same thread as the Rosary. 

3. I finished my Tischband flowers
They are tatted in Marilee Rockley's Rhubarb Pie in size 40. The quarter is to show size. Now I have to decide on the leaf color and get them finished.

4. I had some down time and in my previous post showed some thread from Jess at Tat-ilicous.
Here is what I tatted with the Camo-licious

Her name is Huntress.  She is a Forest Guardian.  The thread is a size 40.  Here is a scan of both Huntress and Dawn Flyer, the dragon I tatted last fall.
Dawn Flyer is tatted in size 20.
I have almost finished the 4 book series titled Inheritance Cycle, by Christopher Paolini.  In those books there are 5 dragons,  Saphira who is blue, Thorn who is red, Glaedr who is golden, Shruikan who is black  and one dragon egg that has yet to hatch, so I don't know what color that one will be.  I have a yen to tat dragons in those colors.

5. Once I finished these I started a doily with the second colorway from Jess, Peacock in size 40.

I paired it a ball of DMC in size 40 color # 320 Pistachio Green - Med. The doily is Linda Davies Star Attraction.

And I will leave you with several other pictures I took on my trip.
Lake Michigan

one of the Submarines built in Manitowoc.  This one is now a museum.
Along the road in the middle of the state there is a resident with a sense of humor.  Do any of you remember the TV show Petty Coat Junction?
We actually turned around and went back a couple miles, just to get this picture.

I hope all of you who qualify had a great Mother's day, I was contacted by all my children so that made it a very good day for me. 

Have a great day tomorrow.
now it is time for bed.


  1. I absolutely love the Camolicious dragon! So beautiful! I am looking forward to seeing your doily with the peacock thread. I like your choice of color for the ball thread. :o)
    That's really funny that you turned around to get that picture. I don't know that show, but I do know there are plenty of times when I am driving that I want to turn around to get a picture of something. :o)

    1. Thanks Jess, your threads are fun to use. I still have some Camo left, so need to come up with a suitable pattern.

  2. I was already tired when you said 'nine-hour trip' :) Then reading about D, who at 90 has more energy than I do, really did me in! How wonderful, though, that she is able to do things she enjoys and is also helping others!

    That plant looks good even without any flowers! I'm glad you 'rescued' it!

    I can't believe all the tatting you did! The dragon is excellent in that color! And thanks for reminding me about Linda Davies' 'Star Attraction.' It's a spectacular doily, and a lot of tatting, but, of course, that doesn't intimidate you!

    Looks like you had a great trip! It seems long-distance traveling doesn't faze you!

    1. Long distance traveling is only tolerable in good company. B and I have a great time. We wore matching shirts going and coming, as B said, "let's go as teen besty's" he he. hilarious, and made my daughter roller her eyes.

    2. Yes! I sure do remember the show Petticoat Junction! I was very young then.

      I always love your rosaries! I made a few of them, especially after learning how to do split rings!

      Your trip look like it was a wonderful time!

  3. Sounds like a great trip. Imagine being that productive at age 90! People who manage that impress me so much.
    That's some tiny detail work--you have some good fingers on you!

  4. Sounds as if you two had a great time! Nothing like a road trip with a good friend.

    The tatting is wonderful - as always. I love the look of that Peacock thread... Looking forward to seeing that one finished.
    Welcome back,
    Fox ; )

  5. Imagine my surprise reading your blog. I was born in Manitowoc and my Dad worked in the ship yard during WWII. What a great visit you had and beautiful tatting.

    1. it is a nice city.
      my BFF and her husband both were born there and went to school through high school there.


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