Monday, May 7, 2012

today's delivery

When I am at work, farmguy gets the mail. it is a 1/4 mile trip to the mailbox.  no biggy, but still it can be a pain if the weather doesn't cooperate.

When I got home today there was a package on the couch waiting for me.
I know what it was, 'cuz I ordered it, he he, but that doesn't begin to come close to what was in the package.

Last week, Jess of Tat-ilicious, offered a coupon deal on her threads through  I liked the look of many  of her colorways so took advantage of her coupon and ordered some size 40 threads. Here is her Peacock and Camo-licious wound on Bob-eez.
And look at the cute googly-eyed heart that came with the threads.  what  cutie. Jess's tatting in the heart is very precise.  Thanks for the heart Jess.

Thanks Jess,  These are in my Tatting bag.  I am headed out Wednesday for a 6 day trip. and there should be lots of time to tat. The Camo is slated for a project by itself, the Peacock will be paired with some size 40 DMC as it is destined for a doily.

My Tatting bag is by DS9Designs I really like it, very roomy and lots of pockets.

I am also taking Rhubarb Pie so I can get the other 3 flowers for the Tischband done, some size 10 thread (or should I say cable) to make a rosary for an elderly lady, some size 20 light pastel Manuela for an ongoing project, and in my purse is my Beauty Spot hanky edging in Krystle's Wisteria Lane.

See you next week after I get back.


  1. I'm glad you like the googly eyed heart. I think it's funny that he's got a bit of a lazy eye. :o)
    I'm excited to see what you create with the thread!
    Yes, you should say cable (lol)
    I hope you have a wonderfully blessed trip and that you get lots of tatting done! :o)

  2. Have a fun trip! You have some fun projects planned. I'm thinking of using the Camo to make a Tischband for my guy to use as a mug rug. Want to find a flower color to go with it that won't be too bright for him. Karen in OR waiting to see your projects next week

  3. I am looking forward to seeing what you next show us... Have fun!
    Fox : )

  4. Have a blast on your trip!
    We have 1/4 mile driveway, too, and some days I skip getting the mail:)


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