Thursday, April 5, 2012

what the mailman brought this week

This week, I have had some very nice surprises when I got home from work.
on Monday there were 3 packages waiting for me.
The first one I opened came from Krystle Payette and in it was
Krystle's new colorway Getaway in size 40.

the second package came from Marilee ~ Yarnplayer    and inside that envelope was....
Marilee's Pansy in size 50

yum, yum, new threads, I really need to have more time to tat, so I can use all these luscious threads.

now the 3rd package came from Sherry  ~ Ladyshuttlemaker
and this was in it.
   I was honored to be asked to test a couple of these patterns. Thank you Sherry for your trust.

After all this, I still felt the need to buy myself a birthday present, something that no one else in the family would know that I wanted without telling them.
This was waiting for me when I got home from work today

yeah!! it feels great in your hand, it is big enough for a generous serving of tea. and it looks better in hand then it does here in the picture. This is also from Sherry ~ ladyshuttlemaker. Thanks Sherry. you can find them in Sherry's shop at the link above.

for my actual birthday in a couple weeks, we are having a "girls day"  5 of my 6 daughters and my son and 2 girl friends are going to spend the day visiting art galleries and antique stores in a near by large town, something that I enjoy, but almost never get to do.

thanks ladies for the wonderful arts and crafts.


  1. Fun! I love finding a package in the mail! :o)

  2. Your new threads are lovely! I'm looking forward to school getting out so that I can concentrate on Sherry's new book. Isn't it awesome? Enjoy your new mug! I think it's wonderful!

  3. Those threads look very interesting! Looking forward to the results...
    Fox ; )


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