Sunday, April 22, 2012

I guess spring is here

according to the calendar, spring is here.  and today is Earth Day.
I remember way back when this got started, it was big, now it is just a mention in the news media and small print on some calendars.

One of the things I got done this weekend, is this....

I started the seedlings for my garden today.  This is a small community garden effort this year.  there will be at least 3 families who are looking to help and get produce from my plot.

None of them will get out in the ground until the 1st of June.  Around here we don't count out frost until after Memorial day.  and believe me,  there have been years where I can remember frost every month except July, and some of the residents of this area can remember back to the 30's where there was a year when there was frost in July.

there are 10 rows going from lower left to upper right. each row has 5 seedling pots
2 rows Kohlrabi Early White =10 pots

Cabbage Premium Flat Dutch Late 5 pots
Cabbage Early Jersey Wakefield 5 pots

2 rows Swiss Chard 6  pots
            Tomato Yellow Pear 2 pots
             Tomato Burpee Jubilee Orange 2 pots
2 rows Tomato Roma 4 pots
            Tomato Oregon Spring 4 pots
            Tomato Burpee Long Keeper 2 Pots
2 rows Tomato Super Beef Steak 4 pots
            Tomato Burpee Big Boy 4 pots
            Tomato Burpee Long Keeper 2 Pots

I will start the Squash, watermelon and cucumbers  in a few weeks.

I am hoping the weather cooperates so I can get in the garden to plant lettuce, radishes, carrots, onions, garlic and more swiss chard this week.

then sometime next week the peas can go in. 

The green beans and corn will have to wait until the middle of May before they can go in.

although, farmguy's wheat is up and he is out planing corn this week, so I suppose..... I could put in all the garden now, but for me the farmers are pushing it. and if it freezes, they will have to replant.

hope you had a great weekend. and lots of time for tatting.


  1. This definitely is not my area of expertise, but it's fascinating to read, and I definitely admire those who can grow their own food, and even share with others.

    We're expecting snow flurries here in Pittsburgh and maybe some accumulation. A far cry from just two days ago when we had 80 degrees! But not unusual in April.

    1. yes, Kathy, April weather is very volatile. one of the reasons I don't push getting the garden in too early. there are some who think they have to be the first to pick sweet corn or tomatoes for bragging rights, but I don't have the need to compete. just need to feed the family.

  2. Set my tomatoes out this weekend...usually I wait until Mothers Day weekend, but have been told that I'm waiting to late by several avid local will see. Southern Colorado has been difficult to adapt to for me, originally from Western Montana.

    1. wow Julie, that would be a big change in weather. Western Montana has a shorter growing season then we do here in North Dakota.

  3. Oh you have bee soo busy! Good luck in setting them all out and keeping them growing!We have last frost about the 19. of May. But I have many Mice in the earth (Avicolinae) and they love the roots of my plants ;((
    When I saw your picture, I first thought of cake ;-))
    Happy tatting!

    1. you are right Gunhild, it does look a lot like a cake. I don't have mice in the field as farmguy digs it for me. but I do have wild turkeys that sometimes like to pull the early greens out of the ground. and then when the tomatoes are almost ripe. they take bites out of them. but the turkeys do a very good job of keeping down the bugs.

  4. Wow--and I thought we were late waiting for mother's day here!
    How lovely to feed so many with those tiny seeds!


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