Wednesday, March 23, 2011

today and trip news

this is out my bedroom window this morning.  notice the snow frosting on the outside of the window?  that was on all our windows last night and this morning. 

the trip has been moved back until tomorrow,  too many bad roads to try to drive today.

while out taking pictures this morning,  Shep insisted that it was his turn.  so here he is.

back to life in winter in North Dakota until Spring decides to come back.


  1. Bummer! We've got the snow back as well. Good luck getting out tomorrow!
    Fox : )

  2. Gosh what dreadful weather and sad that your trip has to be postponed. It has been lovely and sunny here in England temps 19 C!

  3. thanks Fox, and Sally,
    I am practicing waiting. one of the things I am not good at. God must have decided that I needed to practice it.

  4. Be very careful when you do go. I live in the Twin Cities (but grew up in Bismarck). These are the worst roads I've ever seen!

  5. Thanks Michelle, I will. I have driven ND roads for all but a couple years. they can be icy. and SD roads can be just as bad. heading south on 29 takes us through the Sisseton hills. not making that trip until daylight for sure.

  6. Yep - looked the same out my window this a.m. Darn! Sorry about your trip delay - practice patience :)

    It will not last. It will not last. It will not last.

    Have a fun, safe trip once you are finally on your way!

  7. Isn't it always Shep's turn?

    That snowy and frosty picture would make a lovely winterly postcard!

  8. he always thinks it is Karrieann. it would make a nice card, if I did cards.


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