Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So, I changed my travel plans from  6 am thursday to wednesday afternoon to miss the spring fog crossing the Sisseton Hills in NE South Dakota.  That meant getting more work done on tuesday so I could leave work at noon.

Now we have a major winter storm kicking around here. 
Thunder and Lightening snow storm.  Yes, Thunder and Lightening .  It started with rain most of the day, then turning to freezing drizzle and sleet balls, then to snow.  very very windy.

So,  depending on how the weather and roads look tomorrow,  it is likely we are back to leaving on thursday, but to avoid the dreaded fog and ice roads going over the hills, we will have to leave later in the morning, so we most likely will miss the Terry Redlin Museum in Watertown. 

Oh Well,  just gives Barb and I a good reason to take a day trip and go there some other time.


  1. Hmmm...we must be getting part of your lovely weather, as it is snowing and expected to be 4 to 10 inches by the time it is done :/ Typical March weather here in NY but, I am soooo ready for spring!!! Hope you can keep your plans for travel and have fun :)I am just pretending the snow is not coming down and that the sun is shining and it is nice and warm out side ;P Never mind that it is snowing like crazy.

  2. While it is a bit of a downer, the most important thing is to travel safely. And you are right! This setback is an opportunity in disguise. All will be well.

    Safe journey to you!

  3. Thanks for your comments Tattabug and Isdihara. it looks like I won't be on the road until after daylight tomorrow. I am posting a pic from my bedroom window of what I could see when I got up this morning. patience isn't always my strong suite, so have to practice, practice, practice.


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