Monday, October 19, 2009

Presents in the mail

I have received some presents in the mail, one came while I was gone and the other came today.
First, I was a winner in the contest that Heather Johnston held at her blog, The Tarnished Tatter.
Below is the first page of Heather's book. I have had a small chance to look through it and there are lots of different designs, but most look like you could do them in an evening so you would have a pair of earrings to wear the next day.
When I opened the folder, I discovered in a pocket 2 skeins of Heather's HDT in her Ruth's Irish colorway, size 30. This will be fun. Thanks Heather.

When I got home from work today, there was another surprise for me. I received my skein of Orchid Garden HDT thread from Zarina in the left column is a link to her Dyed Threads page.
I really liked the look of the colorway so sat down and tatted up a pair of earrings for tomorrow.
The pattern for these Orchid earrings is posted on my patterns blog.
Tomorrow I have a meeting in a big city a hours drive away, from 10 to 12noon, and usually I take the day off work and spend it in a more leisurely way, but unfortunately, at least 1 of the other ladies at work will have to be gone, so I will have to hurry up and get back to work in the afternoon.
well that is all for tonight, and I still have not gotten caught up with emails and blogs.


  1. Fun prezzies! Enjoy tatting up some goodies. I came over here to find your "meandering path" pattern. I just was it over on UmiNTsuru and want to tat it up sometime!

  2. Hi Chiclet, Thank you for the nice comment about the Meandering Path motif.
    I have just edited the post on my pattern blog to include a link to the PDF printable version.

    Hi Victats, Thanks for stopping by.


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