Sunday, October 18, 2009

Catching up and Thanks be to God for Blessings

Well, I am back home but can't say it's to stay.
It has been a Topsy Turvy week.

Last Sunday my newest grandson was born so left immediately after work Monday evening to go help with the kids. stayed at my daughter's until Wednesday morning when I got to work about noon. Then stayed home until Friday noon when I again left for my daughter's to give her a hand until today when I got home this evening.

The weather service was telling us on Wednesday that we had a winter storm forecast for Wednesday night until early Thursday morning. they forecast for 3+" of snow. this would be the 2nd measurable snowfall for this month.
we don't normally get snow this early. (yeah, I know my chemist daughter tried to explain it to me, but for all that I have a hard time believing in "global warming" when we are colder and wetter then normal for several years in a row.)

This picture is taken out of our dining room window on Thursday morning when we got up. The trees where so weighed down by the wet heavy snow, and the fact that they still had leaves there were many branches that would normally be high enough for me to walk under that were close brushing the ground. as you can see, this tree just didn't have the strength to hold up the weight. This is an apricot tree about 15' from the house, fortunately, it fell sideways and not toward the house. There were other branches broken off other trees as well.
The weather warmed up enough so by later thursday, most of the snow was gone.

And if you have been waiting for it, here is the picture of Isaac. He weighed 8lbs,4oz and measured 20".
His older brother(7) and sister(1) are enjoying and adjusting to having a baby in the house.

Thank you God for a safe delivery.

I am very far behind on emails and blogs. and housework needs doing too. plus another day away from work on tuesday, as I have the quarterly meeting with the other lay representatives from the Deanerys for the Diocese.
I have got to get a couple more things done and get to bed, or I will not be much good tomorrow at work.


  1. Wow - what a handsome little or should I say HUGE guy! He's adorable. Congrats, again! ♥ Fox : )

  2. Thanks Fox, I just think that 8lb babies are so much more "grown up" they have some neck strength and they seem to be more alert.

  3. He looks so adorable. congratulations on the new arrival.

  4. Thank you Zarina,
    I really like the Orchid Garden colorway you have made.

  5. Nice picture Mom! Sorry about the apricot tree crashing.


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