Tuesday, March 3, 2009

just a thought

I was checking out some other blogs tonight, one of them belongs to Shay of the Little Grey Bungalow . she has some interesting posts with vintage clothing patterns and recipes. one of her posts is a quote.

Grandchildren are God's gift for not killing your teenagers. Anonymous

It hit me, now I know why I practiced patience during those years. I am enjoying all my grandkids - 8 and growing. I love all those wonderful little people. They have so much potential. and what wonderful things they say.

I am posting a simple angel that I tatted in 2 hours on Sunday night. Robert Kent included the pattern with his Thread Exchange threads. The pattern is adapted from the July 1989 Better Homes and Gardens. It looks lopsided, and my rewrite of the pattern will then be an adaption of
his adaption.
I am waiting for the rest of the threads to arrive from the thread exchange and then I will post a pic of all of my new threads.
Happy tatting


  1. Nice work on the angel! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am still going through a stack of 1914-1918 Needlecraft magazines and will have some tatting patterns to post (I hope; reading Edwardian tatting notation causes major eyestrain) later this month.

  2. What a pretty little angel! I'm also enjoying my grandchildren. They're not always angels, but I love them more than I could have imagined! When my daughters get frustrated, I kind of giggle to myself, because I remember how their antics used to get to me!

  3. Glad you are enjoying your grandchildren. Your angel is cute.

  4. This is one pretty cute angel. I assume the thread is Manuela ?

  5. Hi Ladies, thanks for your comments,
    yes, singtatter it is Manuela thread, you have a very good eye. I have no idea of the color#, but I love these colors.


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