Tuesday, January 29, 2013

TIAS Day 6 & Snow!

Here is my day 6 for Jane E's TIAS.
I still have no clue about this one, usually I can see something, but not this year, you are mysterious Jane.  The link to participate which you can do at any time, if you haven't started, but are intrigued, is here.       Jane posts small bits of the pattern every few days, so it is easy to do in a small amount of time. She also doesn't tell us what we are making, we have to guess, which is part of the fun. 

And I am including for your pleasure a picture of the 10 inches of snow we got last night. there was no wind so it piled up on the trees and roads, schools are 2 hours late, and roads are slick because we had freezing drizzle before the snow yesterday.

This picture is in our yard, that is an Apricot tree, and some Chokecherry bushes.

This pine tree is holding big puffy loads of the snow.

Well, have to get to work here at home so once the roads are clear, I can get to work.
Have a very good tatting day, stay safe and warm and have a good cup of tea.


  1. I like your TIAS piece - pretty thread!

    And you can just keep that snow south of the 49th! Stay safe!
    Fox : )

    1. actually Fox, you are south of me.
      I have looked you up on the map, if you draw a line straight west of you is Sioux Falls SD, I am about 4hrs NORTH of there. You never know what might be headed your way.
      Take care with your move this weekend. will you have some help?

  2. Nice tatting and nice picture! So much snow... ours has just melted (within 3 days temperature jumped from -12°C up to 12°C) and we are waiting for the next snow at the weekend ;-).
    I am hurrying up with my tias to reach day7

  3. Ten inches and your schools only had a DELAY? You people are TOUGH!

    1. There are 3 towns with schools within 15 mi of me in a triangle shape. The 2 to the south did finally call school off about a half hour before they were due to start. The 3rd, to the NW did not call school off, they did start the 2 hrs late. but not sure if they got the 10" or if they got less

  4. I was wondering about the 2-hour delay! 10" is a lot of snow! I'm glad the one school called it a day. Why is everyone so anxious to get out there and risk accident and injury or worse. Let the road clearing folks do their job! This is one advantage to being retired - not having to struggle to get to that job anymore! And the last time our pine tree held big globs of snow (with ice - in 2007), three huge branches broke off (here in southwest PA). I always thought pine trees were totally resilient, but even they have their limits!


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