Sunday, October 21, 2012

2 & 3 and things I learned

Here are 2 more Snowflakes I was able to tat today.

and there are several things I learned doing it too.

Both of these snowflakes are made from the same pattern, they have the same stitch counts.  The pattern is Glittery Snowflake by Vida Sunderman from her pattern book, Tatted Snowflakes.

1. The same thread as yesterday's flake,  Lizbeth size 40 white and Kreinik Very Fine Braid size 4 in silver.  but I didn't follow the pattern exactly as I turned the chains the wrong way,  the stitches face out instead of in. What can I say? I was watching the Vikings win again, my attention was a bit distracted.  I didn't realize I had turned the chains inside out until several points had been done, so decided to finish it the way it was.  This was the end of the spool of size 4 Kreinik Very Fine Braid.

2. The white thread is the same, but the silver is Kreinik Fine Braid size 8 also in Silver.  It is a larger braid then the size 4. Combined with the Lizbeth they come closer to about a size 15 thread I think.  This Snowflake is larger, but I did get the pattern turned correctly so the points are more defined.

I like the size 4 braid better of the two.  I will have to get more of that. But it will take a lot to do all the snowflakes I was planning on with I can only get 2 out of each spool.   I do have some DMC metallic thread that is 3stranded and will be using that to compare as well before I decide exactly what I want.  I will have to do that soon as I ordered the Kreinik from Handy Hands. and will want to order more just as soon as the Aerlite shuttles are ready.

as far as the pattern goes, I think I like both of them.

Hope you had a great tatting weekend.
nearly midnight, time for bed.


  1. Both extremely pleasing!
    Fox : )

  2. They're both gorgeous! How neat that you got two very different looks from the same pattern just by how you tatted the chains!

    Looking forward to seeing the next ones using the DMC Metallic Thread!

  3. Isn't it funny how a turn of the chain changes the whole look? Both are very pretty.

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Green Girl, I usually tell people they can't afford me. he he.
      I generally give my things away. small things like these aren't that expensive, it is the doilies and larger motifs that can get spendy.

  5. I also agree that they are both excellent! Thanks for sharing your experiments. Years ago I kept trying to find metallic threads that could be tatted 'on their own' and wasn't successful until I found DMC metallic thread on a spool (equivalent to size 30). However, I never thought of combining the metallic thread with normal thread. Now I'll have to experiment with those metallics that have been sitting around unused all these years!

  6. I actually like the inside out one better, I think because it has more negative space in the points. Both are very pretty, though!

  7. I like them both and you know - God never makes 2 snow flakes alike. ;-)


  8. Very pretty and if I wouldn't have read first I wouldn't have know it was the same pattern. What a difference the braid makes. I've experimented with Kreinik before, too. I like how crisp the points turn out on snowflakes using it, but that stuff can get pricy! I've found that Joann has the best prices for the Kreinik, especially if you sign up for their mailing list. The coupons are great and if you have a smartphone, you can download the Joann's app and have your coupons with you all the time.


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